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“A strongly recommended read and fine addition to any literary studies collection” —Midwest Book Review

“as fun and interesting to read as I suspected. … what’s great about this book, is that it is presented in small, easily digestible chunks” –Jane Greensmith, “First 10 of the Fictional 100” (at Reading, Writing, Working, Playing)

“So many times I found myself mentally nodding along with Pollard-Gott or feeling that rush of adrenaline when the penny drops and I finally see why a character has resonated with me” –Jane Greensmith, “Fictional 100–now what am I going to read?” (at Reading, Writing, Working, Playing)

“a fabulous book of short essays about the friends we make as we read” “Each essay has been an absolute joy” —Lifetime Reading Plan

“A Wonderful Reference (and a dangerous conversation starter)” “It is both a scholarly work, and a great deal of fun.” —Dave Goldberg (author of A User’s Guide to the Universe)

“Every avid reader would benefit from having this book on their shelf.” –Reader, I Read It

“A rare, educative collection of world’s great fictitious characters” “What a tour de force!” —jD

“Can’t Wait to See the Movie” “a remarkable scholarly achievement … Reading The Fictional 100 before sleep, I’m convinced that I have the most wonderful people as overnight guests in my home.” —AG

“Great Summary of World Literary Characters” “Short and to the point, yet well-written.” —CatherineD

“the author casts her net widely to include less-well-known characters from Asian and African literature as well as those to be found in European and American books; it is fascinating to read (or to browse) what she has written.” –Scuttlebutt: Peter Blau’s newsletter for Sherlockians and Doyleans (July 10 #2)

“Finally the gap between fiction and music has been filled! How have fictional characters who emerged from an author’s imagination impacted the musical world? You can now find out by reading The Fictional 100” —Nicholas Lewis, IMSLP Journal, July 7, 2011