About the Author

Lucy Pollard-Gott (smiling)Lucy Pollard-Gott holds an AB, summa cum laude, and a PhD in psychology, both from Princeton University, where she specialized in the psychology of the arts. Her scholarly articles have been published in such journals as Discourse Processes, Cognitive Psychology, and Poetics. As a psychologist and critic, her literary research has addressed the structure of fairy tales, attribution theory and the novel, and fractals in the poetry of Wallace Stevens.  A native of Binghamton, New York, she now resides in Princeton, New Jersey.  The Fictional 100 is her first book.

She shares the latest news and reviews about the Fictional 100 characters, along with other books she’s reading, at her blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.  She especially likes to read what others are writing about books they like, stories that move them, or characters who have changed their lives.


Selected articles:

  • Pollard-Gott, Lucy.  Attribution theory and the novel. Poetics 21 (1993), 499-524. This article considers the psychology of readers’ judgments about characters’ behavior, using examples from novels by E. M. Forster (A Passage to India), Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice), and Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace).
  • Pollard-Gott, Lucy.  Fractal repetition structure in the poetry of Wallace Stevens. Language and Style 19 (1986), 233-249.

Contact: lucy [at] fictional100 [dot] com